MotoGP, Yamaha, Ducati: Yamaha, Yamaha and Ducati’s big-money acquisition is a step towards the future

The next-generation MotoGP bikes are a big deal for Yamaha and Yamaha has announced its plans to purchase Ducati.

According to a report by The New York Times, Yamaha has agreed to buy Ducati for an undisclosed sum.

The deal is expected to be announced soon, and is likely to be part of a larger deal to acquire another bike company in the MotoGP paddock.

With Ducati and Yamaha joining forces, the two companies are expected to bring some of the best technology to the Moto GP paddock with the new machines.

But is this deal really going to make Ducati a better bike company?

Will it improve the machines and the teams?

It will be difficult to say.

While Yamaha has already put the finishing touches to the 2017 Ducati Scrambler, the team has yet to reveal what exactly the company is working on.

That being said, it would be a bold move by Yamaha to enter the Moto Grand Prix paddock at this stage of the sport’s history, and it certainly makes sense for the company to be buying a bike company with its sights set on the championship.

MotoGP has traditionally been a cash-rich sport, and has not been able to keep pace with the other four major classifications, such as Superbike, Touring and Endurance.

In addition, it is very unlikely that the purchase of a bike manufacturer will change the nature of the Moto2 category in the near future, which has already seen the introduction of two new bikes in 2016.

So is this a step in the right direction?

There is no doubt that the Ducati purchase is a significant step forward for Yamaha, as it brings it a much more complete bike company.

It will also give Yamaha a significant financial boost.

However, Yamaha is also facing some stiff competition from Honda, Ducato and Yamaha.

Honda has a large market presence, with more than two million motorcycles sold worldwide, and its brand has been used extensively in MotoGP.

And Yamaha has a strong relationship with Ducati, which is why the company could benefit from the deal.

Ducati has also been a big beneficiary of the new MotoGP rules, with the Ducatini brand now used in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP cars.

A Ducati MotoGP machine is seen at the inaugural Grand Prix of Qatar in this picture taken in May 2016.

Ducatini is also a major shareholder in Honda.

Both Yamaha and Honda have been making moves to acquire a large number of companies in the past year, and now Yamaha has confirmed that it is making a move to take Ducati in as well.

As a result, Yamaha will be keen to improve its chances of winning the Moto3 championship this year.

This is also an opportunity for Ducati to take the Moto4 championship to the front seat.

If it can continue to improve the machinery and improve the teams, it could potentially have the chance to have a significant impact on the future of the title race. 

Will Ducati be a success?

As it stands, Yamaha’s deal with Ducatis manufacturer is not a big win for Ducatis riders.

Despite the recent signing of MotoGP’s next generation bikes, Yamaha still has some major issues to overcome.

Its riders have struggled to find a stable, reliable engine for the bikes, and have not been given any real competitive power.

Furthermore, the bikes have suffered from poor aerodynamics and poor visibility.

On top of that, the new bikes have had a number of issues during their development.

To name a few, the engine has struggled to develop enough power, and the new bike does not offer enough power to the rear wheels.

Finally, the Ducatis engines have also not been optimised for the MotoG series. 

In addition to this, Yamaha also has a significant number of technical problems with the bikes that it cannot solve.

Of course, Ducatis team principal Marc Marquez will not be pleased with the result, and could possibly start to change the bike’s direction.

Although Yamaha has yet confirmed what its plans are for the future, the company has also indicated that it will have a bigger focus on the next-gen bikes.

What do you think of Yamaha and its MotoGP purchase?

Do you think this deal is a good move for Ducatinis future?

Is it a step too far for Yamaha?

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