How to buy a Spyder motorcycle

The Spyder, which first hit the road in 1968, has always been an intimidating sight.

The compact, two-seat motorcycle has a four-speed, rear-wheel drive engine and a pair of front-wheel-drive wheels.

The bike also has a full-time front seat with folding legs and a rear seat with a folding back seat.

There’s also a passenger seat in the back.

But now the spyder is getting its own official motorcycle jacket.

The new jacket, designed by designer John Leavitt, features a unique design.

Instead of a standard motorcycle jacket, it’s made from fabric.

The design is a bit of a departure from what’s been on the market in the past.

For years, motorcycle jackets have been a fairly generic design.

They’ve generally been made of nylon and canvas, or have a pattern that blends in with the fabric.

But Leavisset says his jacket is the first motorcycle jacket to be made from a fabric that’s actually made from organic material, like cotton or linen.

The fabric is a blend of 100% cotton and a mix of polyester and nylon, and is made from plant-based fibers, including silk.

That makes it a blend that has a great deal of absorbency.

“This jacket is an example of a product that’s truly organic,” Leavitch told Ars.

“It’s made of 100 percent cotton and polyester, and it’s a blend with absorbency that’s unique in the motorcycle jacket market.”

In addition to the jacket, Leavick also has other accessories.

The jacket has a hood with an elastic band to keep the wearer’s head warm while riding.

And there’s a small pocket in the middle for an extra handbag, which he said is a must on any spyder.

You can see the jacket in action in the video below, which was filmed at Leavits workshop in the Netherlands.

It’s not the most glamorous look, but it’s still a pretty cool way to dress up your spyder motorcycle.

You can also check out some photos of the jacket at the end of this post.

Leavitt’s jacket is still in production and is available for purchase online, but his company says the company is in the process of creating an entirely new motorcycle jacket in a fabric from a sustainable source.

It should be ready in early 2018.

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