Which motorcycle is best for beginner motorcycle repairs?

We’re all familiar with the many choices for beginner riders, from the humble scooter to the luxury and performance models that will make you look like an auto racing driver.

Now, a few more manufacturers have taken up the challenge and are bringing the beginner’s love of motorcycles to the masses.

Check out these bikes, and make sure you take them to the dealer for a full set of maintenance.


Yamaha YZF-R650R with a 3-speed transmission.

Available from Amazon and eBay for $5,979.

Available on Amazon and on Ebay for $3,699.


Kawasaki Ninja 250K with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Available from Amazon, eBay, and Amazon for $4,991.

Available in black or red.


Kawago KX250 with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Sold by eBay for an incredible $4.895.

Available at Amazon for an amazing $499.


Honda CB750R with an 11-speed dual clutch transmission.

Used by a number of dealers and sellers.

Available for an insane $6,998.


Yamaha RZ650R.

Available by eBay and Amazon.

Available to order on eBay and on Amazon for a very low price.


Yamaha S2000 with a 12-speed two-speed clutch transmission and dual clutch drivetrain.

Available online for $12,899.


Suzuki GSX-R750 with a 9-speed four-speed.

Available via Amazon and Ebay.

Available with an 8-speed with a manual.


Suzuki CBR750R.

Available online and on eBay.

Available through Amazon for the same price as a regular CBR 750.


Suzuki GX-1000R with 9-spd dual clutch.

Available as a stock unit for $8,499.

Available a 12th time on Amazon.


Honda CRF250.

Available only through eBay.

Available through Amazon.

Available via eBay.11.

Suzuki ZX-10R.

Also available through eBay for the exact same price.12.

Suzuki XJR-10.

Also online, and available in black.

Available in black, white, or blue.13.

Yamaha KLR650RZ.

Available here on eBay for a ridiculously low price, $2,299.14.

Suzuki KLR250Z.

Also on eBay, but not online.

Available now on eBay at a ridiculously good price.15.

Suzuki S1000RZ/YZF250/1000R/RX.

Available exclusively through eBay at $2.99 a bike.

Available on eBay only for the bike itself.

Available again on Amazon on a discounted price.


Kawi R-1R.

One of the most popular street bikes on the market.

Available off-road for a bargain price at $1,999.

Available directly from Kawasaki on eBay now for a much lower price.


Kawilas ZX750.

Available direct from Kawakus on eBay to $2K.

Available new from Kawikaze on Amazon at $7,299, and can be ordered directly through Kawasaki directly from Amazon.


Suzuki V-X700.

Available both off- and on-road through Kawakusa on eBay as well as on Amazon, for a lower price than most other street bikes.


Yamaha GZ-750R/750RX/250R.

The most affordable and most popular motorcycle on the planet.

Available very cheap on Amazon here for a low price and on KTM here for the most affordable price.20.

Honda Civic.

Available after a two-year waiting period.

Available today on eBay in a brand new, mint condition, and at the best possible price.


Kawai S650.

Available this morning on Amazon via Amazon Prime.

Available right now on Amazon with a very attractive price.


Yamaha ZX10.

Available tomorrow on Amazon to $5K.

Available today on Amazon as a pre-order with a price of $4K.23.

Suzuki RX250RXS.

Available later this morning.

Available tomorrow on eBay with a new price.24.

Yamaha VX-7.

Available late this morning through Amazon Prime, for $2M.

Available this morning via Amazon on Amazon Prime for a good price, but only $2 for the complete set.25.

Kaweco S1000/100.

Available Thursday through Friday at $6.99 per bike, or $3.99 for the fully assembled set.

Available Wednesday through Friday through Amazon and KTM on Amazon through a free trial.26.

Kawakaze X-3R/S100RXR.

Now available online for a $3K discount.

Available Thursday through Sunday through Amazon at a great price.27.

Suzuki SL1200.

Available Monday through Friday via Amazon for only $3 per bike.

Available Friday through Saturday at Amazon

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