How Triumph’s new Yamaha TR-4s are doing it again

Motorcycle speakers are one of the most popular things that Triumph Motorcycles is selling, but for the first time in a decade, the brand is actually selling the bikes in the US. 

The company is rolling out its new TR-2s, TR-3s, and TR-5s for US consumers in October, and while the motorcycles look like something you’d expect to see from the Japanese giant, there are a few differences.

The new motorcycles have two exhaust pipes and two exhaust valves.

The exhaust pipes have an angled intake valve and are mounted vertically, unlike the older TR-1s and TR2s.

The exhaust valves are now mounted to the side of the bike rather than at the top.

Triumph has made a couple of other changes to the TR-series bikes that were originally available in the UK.

One of the biggest differences is the new TR3’s front forks are now taller.

Triumph has replaced the previous TR-6 with the new tricycle forks that have been modified to be taller.

The forks are wider than the TR1’s, which is a plus in terms of stiffness and a minus in terms, well, handling.

The bigger, more flexible front forks allow the bike to handle more bumps than before, and the taller front fork also lets the bike handle better on uneven terrain.

The rear suspension is also a new addition to the Triumph lineup, with a single-pivot swingarm.

The bike is equipped with a shock absorber, an adjustable shock, and a rebound damping system.

The damping systems are a bit more complicated to explain, but the system works in the same way that the bike’s damping is set up.

The suspension is set to absorb bumps up to 40mm in width, so the rider can adjust the amount of rebound dampening to compensate for the bumpy terrain on the road. 

Triumph says that the new bike will be available in November, with the TR2 and TR3 arriving in early 2018. 

For the uninitiated, a TR-family is a series of four or five motorcycles with a common engine.

There are also some smaller motorcycles that are TR-spec, like the Triumph TR6 and TR6A.

The Triumph TR4 is the smallest of the four motorcycles in the TR series, and it’s one of only two TR-cycles that can be equipped with the optional TR5 suspension.

It’s also the most affordable motorcycle in the lineup, at $1,600.

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