Yamaha to add ‘smart’ bike to the market

Yamaha is set to unveil a new bike called the “Smart Bike” in March. 

The bike will be offered in a range of colours and models and is set for a launch in April. 

It will feature advanced electronic components and sensors, and is expected to have “the potential to become a competitive competitive challenger to the more expensive, more complex, more expensive electric bikes.” 

“We’ve done our homework and we’ve come up with a new model that offers the potential to be a competitive challenger of electric bikes,” said Kenichi Yamashita, Yamaha’s CEO. 

“The Smart Bike is the first bike to be developed from our new Smart Bike Engine, and the first to be equipped with the advanced features and technology that we’ve created.” 

Yamashita said the Smart Bike was also designed to “meet the growing demand for low-cost, high-performance electric motorcycles”. 

YAMASHITA: ‘We are developing a bike for the future’ Yamaha has also revealed that it is “developing a bike that is more like a motorcycle” with the Smart bike being a cheaper, faster, more powerful, “smart” bike. 

YAMAHA DRIVES A BEARING CHALLENGER Yamaahdrones are “a beast” when it comes to delivering fast and accurate rides. 

But they’re not cheap, as Yamaha’s new Smart bike is set at a premium of $14,000 (£9,200) ($20,000/£18,000) when it launches in April 2020. 

A single model can cost upwards of $20,900 (£16,100) when the bike is equipped with a Ducati Panigale GP, a Ducatti Sanremo, a Kawasaki ZX-10R and an SRAM Rival. 

There’s a range available to buyers with an “ultra” price of $24,000  (£23,600). 

Yamsahdroid CEO Kenichi Yoshida said the “smart bike” was designed to meet the growing need for electric motorcycles. 

“[The Smart bike] is a bike to get into the electric bike game,” Yoshida told the BBC. 

We are working hard to develop a bike with a very high price, we will do it on a premium. 

‘I’m not worried about price’ Yoshida also revealed Yamaha is aiming to be the cheapest electric bike in the world by 2020, and Yamaha is committed to producing the best bike in its class. 

He added: “We are not worried at all about price. 

I’m just focused on delivering the best bikes possible. 

If we are able to do that, then I’m very happy and happy. 

(Yamahdros) price is very important.” 

The Yamaha Motorcycle Club is a global motorcycle club which is made up of members and affiliates of the motorcycle industry, as well as members of other motorcycle organisations and non-profit organisations. 

They have endorsed Yamaha as a manufacturer of electric motorcycles for the past 12 years. 

In a statement, Yamaha said the company was “committed to delivering a bike we can all be proud of”. 

The new bike is expected for a late-2017 launch in the US.

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