How to wear retro motorcycle helmet with Retro graphics

Posted March 01, 2019 11:58:13Today, we’re going to take a look at how to wear a retro helmet with retro graphics, and how it will make you look even more badass.

This helmet was originally created by a guy named Mark Dennings, but you can find him on eBay for some decent retro helmets.

It has a retro look to it, but the retro graphics are not necessarily retro.

It’s a pretty modern design, but not a bad one at all.

You’ll notice that the visor is made of anodized aluminum, and that it’s actually quite thin.

This design is actually an improvement over the old helmet designs, which would have had a thicker, more protective design.

You can see that the helmet comes with a few additional parts that are part of the retro look, including a light-up visor and a red, white, and blue patch on the back.

It also comes with an embroidered, faux leather patch, which is very cool.

The helmet is available on eBay, but it will probably take you a while to get your hands on one.

It’ll set you back about $250, and if you’re looking to upgrade to a bigger helmet, the retro helmet could be worth it.

Check out our other Retro motorcycle helmet videos for more.

How to wear Retro motorcycle helmets with retro graphic:1.

The back of the helmet has the Retro logo.2.

The visor has a yellow color and the Retro helmet logo on it.3.

The front of the viser has the retro logo.4.

The reflective patch on top of the front of viser is the retro symbol.5.

You will notice that you will have a small patch on your head which is a little yellow.6.

You are able to attach the reflective patch to the back of your helmet by grabbing it with two fingers.7.

The patch will be attached to the visors by two fingers and can be worn as a regular helmet or as a retro style helmet.8.

There is an embroidery pattern on the front and back of this helmet.9.

There are two additional vents on the vises.10.

There’s an embroidey patch on one side of the reflective helmet and on the other side of this visor.11.

The head strap has the letters ‘RUBB’ on it and ‘TURBOS’ on the outside of it.12.

You also get two buttons to attach to the side of your head that have the letters LASER AND BONUS.

The Retro helmet has a few differences from the older helmet designs.

The biggest difference is the reflective visor, which has a light red and white color instead of the traditional blue and yellow.

This new reflective viser adds an extra layer of protection.

The retro helmet is a good choice if you want to get a retro-looking helmet without breaking the bank.

It has a unique design that looks a little like a motorcycle helmet.

The vents are actually more like the vents on a jet engine.

This allows for a more modern look and make for a cooler look.

There also is a small embroidered patch on each side of each visor which is actually a small yellow light.

The embroideries on this helmet are really cool and you can see them in action in this video below.

You can get the Retro motorcycle mask here.

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