‘It’s a bike for life’: ‘It really works for me’

“I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to go for it,'” she said.

“I think that the helmet was one of the biggest things that I had to get used to because it’s a lot of pressure on the head.”

The helmet, which she has been wearing for the past few weeks, has a mesh structure around the face, and the wires run around her shoulders and chin, making it an ideal fit for a woman with short-cropped hair.

“It’s like I’m wearing a helmet that’s not made for me, but I can still be able to do things like lift heavy things,” she said, adding that the idea of being able to take off her helmet while biking is something she’s looking forward to.

“When I’m not biking, I think I’m really lazy.”

Majin, a 27-year-old nurse who works in London, said she thought the helmet would be a good fit for women in their 20s.

“I like it because I’m a little older, but at the same time I’m looking forward [to] being able for women who are young, and younger than me,” she told Engadgets.

“When I started to ride, I was just really into cycling, but now I’m like, wow, I love this helmet, I can ride it.” 

Majins experience of riding a motorcycle is similar to that of some riders, but Majin said that while she had no concerns about the helmet, it does make her a bit nervous.

“You know, I feel a bit strange when I’m riding because I don’t know how much it’s going to impact me, and I can’t really feel the head when I ride,” she explained.

“It has a helmet, but what about that?””

So it’s definitely a bit scary.” 

“It has a helmet, but what about that?”

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