Riding a motorcycle with a motorcycle helmet can be dangerous

The government has confirmed that it is investigating whether a motorcycle safety lesson will be offered to new riders who choose to wear a helmet.

The Federal Government has issued an interim directive to all motorcyclists who want to take part in the safety course and has begun reviewing the training requirements.

The Government’s directive, published in the Federal Register, says that “all motorcyclist must have a motorcycle licence and be supervised by a safety officer at all times”.

The State Government says it will ensure that a safety course meets the guidelines.

It is the first time a new safety course has been offered to a class of new riders.

Under the current safety requirements, a rider must have at least two years of experience, be able to ride the motorcycle safely, have a valid motorcycle helmet, be at least 18 years old and be accompanied by a licensed instructor.

Riding on a motorcycle without a helmet is a crime.

Last year, the Federal Government introduced legislation to ban the wearing of helmets on motorcycles and helmets were not required to be worn on motorcycles at all.

A new law will allow for the wearing and driving of motorcycle helmets for the first six months after the commencement of the safety courses.

MOTORCYCLIST TRAINING The Federal Government is currently reviewing the safety requirements for motorcycle training and will begin working with industry to develop training requirements for motorcyclers.

“Motorcyclists are required to follow the motorcycle safety instruction that was issued for motorcycle safety courses in January last year and will continue to follow those instructions until they are amended to meet the latest safety requirements,” a spokesperson for the Federal Transport Minister, Scott Emerson, said.

Emerson said the Federal Department of Transport is working with motorcycle industry to ensure that the motorcycle training regulations are complied with.

“We’re committed to ensuring that motorcycle training is safe, and we’re doing that through the regulatory review process,” he said.

“This is just one piece of the regulatory and enforcement process we’re undertaking, and that includes reviewing all motorcycle training requirements.”

The new safety directive comes as motorcycle riders in Queensland are experiencing a rise in injuries and deaths in recent months.

On the weekend of March 21 and 22, three people died in a motorcycle crash in the town of Port Augusta.

In March, police said a motorcycler struck a pedestrian, injuring her.

Motorcyclist injured in Queensland crash is on life support Police in Townsville say a motorcycle rider is on a life support machine after he was seriously injured in a crash involving three people on a motorbike in Townsview on Saturday.

Police say the motorcyclism involved was a 51-year-old man, a 51‑year-­old woman and a 58‑year‑­old man.

There were no injuries to the three other people in the vehicle.

Police say they were on their way to the Townsville Motorcycle Club to check out a new bike rack when they collided with a Toyota Corolla driven by a 43-year‑old man who had a medical condition.

Officers are investigating the circumstances of the crash.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to take to the roads for the new Safety course.

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