This jacket is the ultimate ‘beater’

In a world where fashion is king, there’s a trend towards more casual, but still functional jackets.

We asked two leather jackets designers to pick their favourite.

Here are their picks.


Lidl, London source Independent article LidLidLad is an English-owned brand with a reputation for cutting-edge jackets, but the Lid-branded leather jacket that we tested is their first full-size product.

It’s a lightweight, yet comfortable, piece that’s ideal for all-weather wear.

It has a hood and a belt loop, which helps keep the jacket cool when worn underneath.

“It’s a jacket that I wear on the go but also on a weekend getaway, so it’s the perfect jacket for any occasion,” says designer Sarah Jones.

The Lid Lid lite is a great everyday jacket, and we love that it has a great pocket.

It also has a removable hood, which is great for keeping your smartphone handy.

Lido is known for its quality and craftsmanship, and the Lido Lid leather jacket is no exception.

“We’re always looking for ways to keep the cost down and offer the best quality,” says Lido.

The jacket has a soft feel to it, and you can see the fabric is made from 100% organic cotton.

“I’ve used it for winter training and I’m not sure I’d wear it again,” says Jones.

“The hood makes it super comfortable and the belt loop is a really nice touch.”


Dior, Paris source Independent report This jacket was recently re-released in a limited edition of 1000 and is still available to purchase.

“Dior has been the brand that has been consistently leading the way for a new generation of premium leather jackets,” says the company’s marketing director, Richard Houlihan.

“They are making a name for themselves as designers and designers of luxury products and luxury leather jackets.”

It features a leather waistband, a padded shoulder, and a removable chest pocket.

The pocket has been replaced by a large water bottle clip and the zippered zippers are adjustable.

The pockets have a velcro closure for extra security.

Dressed in a leather-like material, this jacket is comfortable for everyday wear and features a large hood.

The hood is adjustable to the size of your chest, and can be closed with a small button.

Dainty is an excellent choice for a winter jacket, especially for winter wear.

The coat is lightweight, so you don’t have to think about the size you wear it, but it also features a comfortable hood and hood loops.

It comes in a variety of colours and sizes, from the classic white to dark blue.

“Our main aim with the jackets we make is to offer a wide range of options, and Dior has achieved this with a range of colours,” says Houli, adding that this is the best time to pick up a Dior jacket.

“You can choose from a range, from one of our more classic colours, to one of their more colourful ones.

We also offer the Dior Jacket, a limited run of Dior jackets that are limited to one million.”


Levi’s, London, UK source Independent source Levi’s is a premium retailer that is known to bring out some of the most unique and innovative clothing, and it’s all about the best possible product.

“Levi’s is about quality and design,” says creative director Sam Fergusson.

“Its not about making the best coat or jacket on the market, but rather about producing the best product that the customer can find on their doorstep.”

The brand has developed a very popular range of leather jackets that have been around for decades, but they’re now getting more and more popular.

“A great leather jacket can bring a smile to the face of your customers,” says Ferguson.

The Levi’s Original Leather Jacket is a stylish, durable, and comfortable leather jacket.

It features adjustable, full-length sleeves and has a comfortable fit.

“Every day I wear a jacket, I like it,” says Mr Ferguskon.

We love that the jacket has velcro closures, which keep the hood up when you’re not wearing it.

The sleeves are lined with leather, so they stay cool when you wear them.

The design of the jacket also features an elastic waistband that can be easily adjusted to fit your body shape.

The leather is also thick and breathable.

“Customers can take the jacket with them when they’re travelling or at home and it can be worn as a coat or as a jacket for a weekend,” says Jari Hämäläinen, Levi’s creative director.

“When you buy a Levi’s jacket, it’s because it’s handmade by hand.”

We think the Levi’s Classic Leather Jacket from the brand is a good example of what a high-quality leather jacket should be.

It is constructed of premium quality leather and has an adjustable shoulder and

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