Indian Scout motorcycle maker is set to take over Indian Scout

Indian Scout is set for a major takeover by an Australian company.

Indian Scout is building a new range of Indian Scout motorcycles, with a focus on safety and quality control, and has been working with Australia’s Harley Davidson motorcycle manufacturer to bring its product line to the world market.

The company, which also makes a range of motorcycles, is a privately held company, and was founded by former US Army Ranger and Australian engineer David Gorman.

Gorman and Indian Scout have been working closely together to develop the Indian Scout range, and the new range will be a more compact motorcycle that is meant to be a “bike for everyone”.

It will include two models, the Scout Scout with a six-speed transmission, and Scout Scout 2 with a four-speed, and will be available from the end of the year.

It comes after Indian Scout announced plans to invest $3.4 million in Harley Davidson’s new motorcycle business, and is set up to focus on its safety and customer service operations.

Harley Davidson’s current Indian Scout product line includes the Scout Sport, Scout Scout Elite, Scout Elite Plus, and a range with the Scout Elite II, Scout Master, Scout Platinum and Scout Premium models.

I will be working closely with the new Indian Scout and Harley Davidson to bring their products to market in India.

This will be the largest acquisition of Indian Scouts motorcycle in India’s history, and one of the first to bring India’s motorcycle industry to the global market, according to Harley Davidson India Marketing Manager, Ashish Prakash.

“Indian Scout has been developing their motorcycles for over 25 years and has built a long history of making motorcycle parts for Harley Davidson and Harley owners around the world,” Prakap said.

India Scout will use the money from the deal to invest in its operations, including manufacturing the new Scout Scout range.

 “This acquisition is a natural extension of our strong commitment to the Indian motorcycle market,” Praveen Bhushan, Chief Executive Officer of Indian Scouting, said. 

India Scout has also announced it will launch a new line of motorcycles to compete with Harley Davidson, which will feature a four gear transmission and an optional six-wheel drive option.

A statement from Indian Scout said: “This acquisition will give our motorcycle team an opportunity to focus more on quality and safety, while retaining the ability to expand our existing business to provide a wide range of affordable, reliable and easy to use motorcycles.”

The deal comes as Harley Davidson ramps up its commitment to build Indian Scout’s new line, with the company set to reveal its first new motorcycle in the country next week.

Last year Indian Scout was sold to Japanese company, Suntory Motorcycles, which is also behind the recent acquisition of British manufacturer, Yamaha.

Yamaha had previously announced plans for a new Indian model of its motorcycle range, but it was delayed to 2017 due to regulatory and political hurdles.

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