Why do people draw motorcycle drawings?

People are drawn to motorcycles, not to other vehicles, a study has found.

The findings have implications for the way we design motorways and cycle paths.

The study, published in the journal Transport Research Letters, found that the average number of people who said they had ever drawn a motorcycle on a piece of paper was three, while a third said they drew one.

The average number for a tattoo of a motorcycle was eight.

A similar pattern of responses was found for people who had done both motorcycle drawing and tattoos.

The researchers say this could be explained by the high number of motorcycle riders in the study sample.

The number of tattoos the participants had done was not recorded, and there was no way to check if people had received any training for the art.

A previous study of the same group of people also found that people who reported having drawn a bike on a paper had done two more times than those who had not, and the number of times a person had done so was similar.

The authors also found an association between motorcycle drawings and self-reported levels of satisfaction with the art, with the number reporting an overall positive attitude being three times more likely to be satisfied with the artwork.

Motorcycle tattoos and tattoos, on the other hand, were associated with more negative attitudes and less satisfaction with art.

The two types of art were not associated with the amount of money spent on the artwork, and this could explain why some people spend more on motorcycle artwork than others, the researchers said.

The new study also found people who did not draw a motorcycle had more tattoos than those that did, suggesting that people might draw more than one.

They also said there was some overlap in the kinds of tattoos people had done, which might be because they were more similar than they were different.

“Our results show that people tend to draw more motorcycle tattoos, but they may not be drawn in a way that matches the motorcycle in terms of style,” the study said.

“People who do not draw motorcycles may be drawing a motorcycle that is more visually appealing, or may draw a more simplistic, simplistic style of motorcycle.”

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