How to tell if you’re a kid and not a motorcycle dealer

If you want to avoid being branded a “kid,” the next best thing to do is stop peddling in your backyard, says Dan Wachter, founder of BikePortland, a community bike shop.

The Oregonian/OregonLive editorial board agrees.

“If you can find a place where kids can ride a motorcycle, that’s what I recommend,” says Wachters son, Cody.

“But I don’t think the kids are really riding it, and there’s a whole other category of kids that want to ride motorcycles.”

Here’s how to determine if you can ride your bike in Portland: • BikePortland offers a free bike check-in at the shop in the morning and afternoon.

• Pedestrian access to bike racks is available in bike lanes at a time, and you’ll be given a number to call for directions.

• There are no age restrictions on riding your bike or riding in designated areas.

If you’re under age, be aware that your parents or guardian will have to get permission.

• You’ll need to register your bike with BikePortland and pay a $10 fee.

• If you live in a neighborhood with a designated bike lane, there are free parking spots along the bike lane and a sign that says “Bike” on the side.

• Bike shops in Portland and Portland’s suburbs have the best access to children.

The next best is the one in East Portland, where children can ride on bikes from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., and bike racks are available.

Pedestrians can also park along bike lanes, but not in bike parking.

Pedicab services are also available, but they’re not free.

• Bicycles are not required for school transportation.

However, the school bus has a bicycle-friendly design and parking is limited.

• In the event of an emergency, the nearest shelter is within walking distance.

The Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau can be reached at 503-988-3200.

Pedal to the Metal, a Portland-based company that makes bicycle racks for dealers, is offering free bike checks to anyone who wants to use its bike racks.

You’ll be directed to the location where you can purchase a bike and can pick it up if needed.

You can also pick up your bike from a nearby store or get a bike at the station if you get stuck at the bike rack.

If your bike isn’t there when you arrive, you can contact the bike shop and they’ll take it to the bike racks on site.

Pedals to the metal, located at 11th and H St., offers bikes to riders of all ages and abilities.

The bike racks include a rack that has racks on both sides, and they offer a bike storage area that can hold up to three bikes.

Peders to the metallics, located in the Northwest corner of the city at 2nd and Harrison, is another bike rack company offering bikes to anyone with a bike.

They have bike racks and bikes available at bike racks, bike shops, bike parking lots and on their website.

If the bike you’re looking for isn’t here, you may have to contact Pedals To the Metal and request it be delivered to a BikePortland location.

There are also bike storage areas at some bike shops in the city.

Bike racks are also offered in a number of bike shops across Portland.

Bicycle shops in downtown Portland, including Peders To the Metals, sell bikes and bikes in a variety of colors and sizes.

There’s also a bike store at the corner of 7th and Mason, but it’s not available for pick-up.

There is also a free bicycle parking area at the downtown Portland Convention Center, where a parking lot can hold bikes.

Bicycle rental companies, such as BikePortland Rentals, have racks on the ground and offer bike rentals to anyone.

Rentals are offered at various locations.

The only bike rental option available is on the sidewalks of downtown Portland.

You might want to make a reservation for a bike before you arrive.

Renting a bike is easy if you have a bike that meets the legal minimum standards for age and height.

You’re also eligible for a $3 deposit for the bike rental fee.

Rent a bike in the City of Portland BikeRacks and bike rental services are available in Portland, Hillsboro, Columbia and Tigard.

Rent bikes in Portland’s City of Roses BikeRack is a new bike rental service that offers bikes in bike racks for $5 per day.

Bike rentals are available at various bike rental locations throughout Portland.

Bikes are not restricted to specific bike racks or specific age groups.

You are also eligible to rent bikes from BikeRacked and BikeRidershipPortland if you meet the legal requirements for bicycle rentals.

BikeRACK is open to any age, height and ability.

Bicycling Portland offers rental and pick-ups in downtown and Southeast Portland.

The Bike to the Meters bike rental shop is located in Northwest

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