When you’re riding a motorcycle on the streets of Brisbane you might need to ask: What are these ‘sporting motorcycle trailers’?

When you see the term “sporting motorcyclists”, what do you think of?

If you’re on a motorbike and your motorcycle is a trailer, what are the different aspects of that?

Well, you may have heard that “sporty” is a term that’s been thrown around quite a lot, but it’s not a very accurate one, says Chris Wood.

“There are different types of trailers that you can buy in Brisbane,” he says.

Mr Wood has been a motorcycle rider for almost 20 years, and he’s also an inspector for the Brisbane City Police.

As a police inspector, he knows what the police motorcycle unit is looking for.

“[Police] need to look for trailers that are not only safe, but also can handle a lot of road use, but they don’t need to be super-powered, he says, adding that it’s important to consider all aspects of a trailer’s performance when it comes to its safety and maintenance.”

You can’t go off track without it, it’s going to take some getting used to,” he explains.

Police motorcycle trailer requirements Police motorcycles can be either single or two-wheel drive, and each vehicle has to meet certain requirements when it goes through the inspection process.

When you’re standing up you have to be able to sit upright, and your hips and knees must be straight,” he adds.””

The second is to have a “safe and compliant” riding position,” says Mr Wood.

“When you’re standing up you have to be able to sit upright, and your hips and knees must be straight,” he adds.

“It’s also important that you’re not falling over when you’re moving your hips.”

The third requirement is that the trailer must have a seatbelt and seatbelt panniers.

And finally, police motorcycles must be able “to operate and drive safely”.

Police inspectors are also looking for a trailer that can be “maintained in good working order”, and can handle heavy traffic.

There are two types of motorcycle trailers, with the most common being a single-wheel-drive, or two wheel drive trailer.

But there are also a few types of trailer that are referred to as “sporadic” trailers.

They’re often referred to by police officers as “laptops” and “laptop trailers”, although Mr Wood says “latter” is probably more appropriate.

He says it’s a bit of a misnomer, as a laptop trailer is an ordinary portable computer that can run Windows or OSX, while a single wheel drive has no external power source, is usually a “sprint” trailer and has no seats.

However, if you look at the safety criteria for the trailer, it would seem that the latter is the more common choice.

While there are different motorcycle trailers available, there are a number of things that can make a trailer safer.

For example, the trailer may have a roof, as well as a front seat, so it may be more appropriate to have the roof up, Mr Wood explains.

“But if you’re in a pinch, you can have the rear seat up, which is better for the bike,” he recommends.

Another safety benefit of having a trailer is that it can be a “living proof”, Mr Wood adds.

In the past, police were looking for trailers with a front and rear “pods”, but they are no longer required in Brisbane, he explains, pointing out that police motorcycles can now use the “motorcycle trailer pods” that are now common in Brisbane.

This means that police officers don’t have to check every trailer they find in Brisbane before they install it.

It’s a lot easier to see how safe a trailer might be if it’s properly maintained, and there’s also less need to inspect the trailer once it’s installed, Mr Woodward says.

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